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Wellington Naturist Club Pioneer Rally 2017-2018

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WNC 2017 Rally Registrations
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20 Molloys Road
Te Marua, Upper Hutt 5018
New Zealand


WNC Pioneer Rally 2017-2018

Take a step back in time.. Welcome to NZ's Yesteryears.

Plans for the 66th NZNF rally to be held at the Wellington Naturist Club (aka The Te Marua Pioneer Village) in Upper Hutt, are forging ahead like a steam train on speed. With the International Congress firmly behind us, the committee can now fully focus on our club's next great event...and hopefully this time we won't be plagued by earthquakes, torrential rain and flooding!

To give you a wee history lesson, the first colonial settlers to the area of Upper Hutt cleared the land of its indigenous forest and turned it into farmland, while saw-millers milled larger trees like Totara for building materials. Increasingly alarmed by the unrest of the Maori Wars, the settlers lobbied for fortification and stockades were subsequently built in the area...

But don't panic, we have no intention of re-creating that scenario. Instead we have a very civilised 19th Century Nudist Colony, replete with Saloon Bar awaiting your arrival. With the overall theme of the rally being to waltz back into the period of our fore-fathers and channel their pioneering spirit.

To give you a wee taster, the programme will include a catered breakfast and themed dinner, a casino/bingo night and jazz band plus it will feature your usual sports with a few additional ones like wheelbarrow, three-legged and egg & spoon races along with some other cool, hip old-school activities.

Due to the fun that was had by the band at our previous Age of Aquarius festival, we have had confirmation from Itchycoo Park that they would love to return and play on New Years Eve, which is a major coup (excuse the pun).

Also on offer to purchase, will be a range of drinks; including beer and wine, a camp shop selling ice-creams and meat packs for the BYO BBQ's plus salads for lunch. Powered and unpowered campsites are available on-site so don't miss out...make sure you get in early!

We are confidant that Te Marua's Pioneer Village will be able to cater for your every need. Many of our amenities, like our camp kitchen and ablution blocks have recently been upgraded. The heated swimming pool is a real treat, as is the spa and sauna. Along with our sports courts, we have some lovely bush walks and spectaular gardens. But most of all we have friendly club members who would like to welcome you to our grounds.

Te Marua Times

7 November 2017

We are now on the countdown to the rally, just over seven weeks to go. You will notice some amazing changes to our facilities which will make your stay very comfortable.

Thank you to all those who paid in full by 31 October, your name will go into the draw at the Wine and Cheese function on 28 December for a refund of one rally fee. Welcome to our new registrants and congratulations to our 100th person to register. Every 25th registration wins a prize!

Book and pay for the Salad bar by 8 December

A salad bar will be operating for the evening byo barbecues from 28 Dec to 1 Jan inclusive (five days for $20). Payment can be made by direct credit into the WNC rally account: 02 0500 0465779 001 (insert your full name and ‘Salad bar’ as a reference). Due to poularity, please book and pay by 8 December 2017.

Please pay any other remaining balances also into this account.

Clay bird shooting

This off-site trip is being offered on 2 January, 1:30pm at Aston Norwood, 10 minutes north of the club. I have booked a two hour window. Cost is $5 per shot or 100 shots for $295 (10 people @ 10 shots for $29.50). We should be able to take 20 people, own cars required for this trip. Please let us know by 8 December if you wish to do claybird shooting.

The Olde Shoppe

The Olde Shoppe will stock bread, milk, ice creams, soft drinks, bbq meat packs etc.

The Saloon Bar

The Saloon Bar will be selling a range of wine, beer and RTDs (Ready-to-drink spirits). A bar card will be available for purchase which will save having to take money to the bar each time.


Lockers are available in the main lawn ablution block for use during the rally at a cost of $25, with a $20 refund on the return of the key – only two left.


Sports registrations close 5pm on 28 December with the sports draws completed soon after. Please email us if you will be arriving after this time and what sports you would like to enter.

Gate Code

The Gate code will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the rally.


EFTPOS will be available during the rally.

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